Mustic Festivals During The Pandemic?

Daniel & McKenna

Several summer festivals are occurring this summer even though the country is still within a pandemic. It’s a good thing that we are getting back to normal, but it’s important that rules and guidelines are in place for the protection of those going. We believe that as long as safety precautions are in place, festivals should be able to proceed as normal.

Many people feel that it is good to be resuming usual summer festivities. It has been a year full of cancellations and significant changes, but the scheduling of music festivals encourages people to believe that life is coming back to reality.

  “It’s a good thing as long as people are still being cautious, but its good that we’re finally getting back into the regular swing of things,” said Nikki Faupel ‘23. This opinion was shared widely throughout the student body.

  “It’s a good thing because we need to get back to normal,” said Matthew Henry ‘22.

Summerfest and Breakaway are two music festivals that despite Covid have decided to go on as normal this year. This affects Plainwell students and Michiganders directly because Breakaway Music Festival will be playing live in Grand Rapids on August 28. If safety protocol is not followed at Breakaway, then we could risk a large rise in cases. Summerfest will be taking place across the lake in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

This possible outcome is concerning for many students. For example, many students are afraid that since festivals are outside many people will ignore safety precautions such as wearing a mask and social distancing. 

“I think the outbreak is going to be super big when festivals are happening unless everyone gets vaccinated,” said Maya Johnson ‘23.

Although many are worried about the impact festivals may have, they believe that the vaccine is an opportunity to guarantee safety.

 “If in the summer the vaccine protects you from all of the current strands, then I think it is okay,” said Xavier Prentice-Sao ‘22.

Some music festivals are even making the executive decision to delay their shows to a later date in order to avoid a mass outbreak. One festival that has done this is Coachella. Coachella was scheduled to have a show October 2021 but moved it to April 2022. We believe that if the committee of a music festival doesn’t believe they can maintain proper safety measurement, then the most intelligent thing to do is delay the show. This ensures not only safety for citizens but also allows for there to still be a festival at a later date. This saves them from losing a large amount of money and keeps fans happy. 

We believe festivals should happen this year as long as they are taking measures towards keeping the attendees safe. It’s important that the people attending wear their masks and it may even be a good idea to have requirements of vaccinations.