The New Hype House Netflix Show


TikTok is one of the largest social media apps today. What once was the famous “” was bought out in 2017 and became rebranded as TikTok. Famous creators from transferred their platforms to TikTok and continued to gain an even bigger following.

 In 2019 some of these big creators and a few new ones came together to form what is still known today as the “Hype House,” this being a group of creators who lived in a house together and created content together. The line up has changed over the past two years but originally this group included creators such as Charlie and Dixie D’Amelio, Alex Warren, Addison Rae, Chase Hudson, Tony Lopez, and 13 more less well-known creators.

 Now the Hype House is much smaller with only eight members. These members include names such as Nakita Dragun, Chase Hudson, Sienna Gomez, and Alex Warren. 

Recently Netflix released a statement that there would be a new show dedicated to this Hype House and people have a lot of opinions.

The show is advertised as reality TV The show will be an inside look at the lives of the creators and their lives in the house. Although some people love this idea, others wish Netflix would cancel it immediately.

All over TikTok, its users are voicing their opinions about the show and an overwhelming amount of people feel negatively about it.

 Here at PHS, a majority of students feel like the show is going to be “dumb.”

“It’s dumb, very dumb and it will be bad,” says Madelyn Munch ‘22.

The show although targeted towards teens and tweens, apparently isn’t popular with them for the most part. No one seems to be excited for this new show but rather, skeptical.

“It’s going to suck,” says Chloe Schosso ‘21.

All over social media positive comments made about this show are slim; in fact, many people are urging Netflix users not to watch the show at all or even sign into Netflix. One of the main reasons people seem to be upset with Netflix and this show is because of all the shows Netflix has cancelled for the Hype House show to happen.

Popular shows canceled this year were shows such as “Anne with an ‘E’”, ”Atypical”, “Orange is the New Black”, “End of the F***ing World” and so many more. People are also criticizing Netflix for giving the people in the Hype House a show because of who they are and what they have done.

Multiple people in the house have been called out on social media many times for their offensive comments and ignorant behavior. For example, Nakita Dargun has been criticized many times for her racist comments and actions. Nakita’s Instagram photos have been called out many times for “blackfishing”, meaning she made herself have the skin color of an African American person. She has been seen changing her appearance to seem more ethnic. 

Other creators in the group have been called out as well for significant things over the years such as Tony Lopez, who was caught and admitted to talking inappropriately to multiple minors when he was 19 years old. 

Netflix hasn’t addressed any of this massive criticism and continues to push advertising for this new show. People are anticipating its release but not for a good reason and want it to be canceled quickly.

Despite the backlash of the show, some people or fans of the creators may like it, but here at PHS, it seems that no one is going to be sitting around on their couch, waiting for the release date to come.