What Changes Should Our School Keep Next Year?


Maddie Rose

Covid-19 has brought a lot of issues regarding how students go to school but it’s also brought some good things. There have been many changes over this year to how, when, and where we learn. From learning online to only going half a week to coming fully back, this year has confused everyone. There is controversy about whether the changes that were made should stay in place. I believe we should keep the changes we made this year.

A major change was the virtual Wednesdays. For the third trimester students have been completely online Wednesdays and having zoom meetings. Most students say they hope Wednesdays will remain virtual.

 “I feel like it’s good for us to have a break and be able to catch up on any work” said Ashley Fisher ‘24. 

Several students said that if there weren’t zooms and just had an assignment on Wednesdays for attendance they would prefer to keep it the same. 

Another change for this year is that lockers were no longer available for students. Students have been bringing their bags with them to their classes. A lot of students have mixed feelings about keeping this change. 

 “We should be able to have lockers because a lot of sports players have extra bags they have to carry with them” said Evelyn Alward ‘24. Most sports players and band students say they wish they had a spot to keep their instruments and supplies. Many other students say they would rather continue to carry their bags with them next year.

 “It’s a lot more convenient to have my supplies with me and be able to go straight to my other classes without stopping at a locker”. Said Norah Gregersen ‘24.

 Most students agree they would like to have a locker available but would like to be able to continue carrying their bags with them. 

A favorite for many students is the fact that school now gets out at 1:35, rather than the original 2:25 release time. 

“I personally love the early release times, I think it’s great that it gives us more time to get everything done that we need for the rest of the day and they allow for much more productive afternoons and evenings.” said Raya Mergen-Henry ‘24. 

While many enjoy the early release some students have found it hard to get a ride home afterschool. 

“I really enjoy having more time after school but it’s a lot harder now to make sure I have a ride home than before.” said Zoey Bennett ‘24.

 Many students who can’t yet drive have had troubles getting home from school since their parents aren’t out of work yet. 

Overall Covid-19 has entirely changed the way students learn. Some for the better and some for the worse. The majority of the students at Plainwell think the changes that were made should stay. Students should be able to keep the changes we’ve made to keep it less confusing and keep it simple.