What will next school year look like?

Emma Balkema

When students are bored in class, they could be daydreaming about what they think next school year will look like. Is there going to be masks? Are we going to go five days a week? No more Zooms? Social distancing? Longer school day? Is there going to be an option to stay online? Those are the questions that everyone wants the answers to.  

This year was hard on everyone, most everyone struggled either academically or mentally, but next year with us going back to school, maybe the board of education can figure out how to keep us safe and make the school year just a little bit easier for us.

“I think next school year will just be weird and a crazy start because I think that masks will still be worn because this pandemic is never going away, but people are going to be sick and tired of wearing masks and they are going to start not wearing them,” said Grace Pettit ‘23

“The days will probably be longer, still masks and you will probably need the vaccine to come to school,” said Lauren Cramer ‘23. That is what she thinks next year will look like.

The wearing of masks next year is going to be a debate because some people don’t want to wear them and others do. 

“I think that people that don’t get the vaccine will have to wear masks but people that have got the vaccine or that have antibodies will not have to wear masks” said Pettit ‘23.

 Cramer thinks the same thing “Yes, if we all have to get the vaccine then I think we might not have too.” 

The CDC recently agreed, changing its guidelines for those who have been immunized and saying that masks are not required except when in crowded areas, public transportation, and wherever a business owner has a sign posted that masks are required.