Review of the Senior Soiree


Senior Soiree 2021

Hailey Block

The seniors got their own formal this year, instead of sharing the prom with juniors. The Senior Soiree was held at “Something Blue Berry Wedding Barn” in Van Buren County May 15. The students shared some of the good and bad experiences they had at prom.

“The food was pretty good but it wasn’t the best, mainly because there wasn’t a lot of food to choose from,” said Daytona Caffrey ‘15.

Some of the girls that attended the dance thought that the venue was very classy and pretty. The Barn featured outdoor and indoor spaces. They had yard games outside, and a lot of people took pictures outside; the food and dancing portion was inside.

“I feel like we spent money on all of the wrong things, but the venue was amazing and the food was also really good,” said Meghan Pallett ‘21.

Pallett, along with a few other groups, took most of their group photos outside and talked about how pretty the venue was.

The dancing portion of the prom had to be adjusted a bit because of Covid-19 and students had to social distance and be more cautious about the whole senior class being there. Caffrey wasn’t a fan of the music that was played during the dance.

“I think the music was pretty trash, but I had fun and the dresses were pretty but I wish there was more dancing,” said Caffrey.

Amaya Gonzalez ‘21 also thought that the dresses were very pretty and, like Pallet, thought that the food was good, too. 

“It was better than I expected. There were fun yard games and I thought that the food was pretty good and the venue was also super pretty. So overall it was pretty good,” said Gonzalez.

Unlike Pallett and Gonzalez, Caleb Maser ‘21 agreed with Caffrey that the food wasn’t the best but he still had a good time. 

“It didn’t get good  until the dancing started. Food could have been better in my opinion and I wish that it wasn’t a wedding venue with designated tables and such. Overall I appreciate the attempt at prom but there is definitely room to improve,” said Maser.

There were a lot of honorable mentions about the food from prom night rather than anything really about the dance, but all around the seniors seemed to have a pretty good time and it was one final goodbye to Plainwell High School that they had all to themselves.