UMATTER! Events Planned For Next Week


Luke Tiller

The UMATTER student committee is organizing a day for next Thursday, April 29th. There isn’t anything that staff has to do other than verbally support the day.


Here are the activities:

Therapy Dog – “Sonny” – in the media center from 8 – 11 AM.


Dr. Wright’s lunch games

Snacks at the T during passing of 2nd – 3rd and 5th – 6th.

Positive affirmations from students to students – before school and lunch time.

They will also be asking a few of you to bring your music instruments in for a jam session before school so FYI.


What is UMATTER?


Other information:

PHS UMATTER Committee: Sam Gibson, Ben Gale, Nikki Faupel, Grace Ruimveld, Megan Benincasa.

FYI – UMATTER replaced Quiet Heroes.

UMATTER was cancelled twice this year due to COVID – really hoping this one doesn’t get cancelled.

There are no plans for virtual students unfortunately.