Langs Coaches Football, Life


Joe Mony, Justin Lagrow

Tough, gritty, and hardworking football teams (although not necessarily winning ones) runs in Plainwell blood. That is exactly what new Head Varsity Coach Tyler Langs brought to the table when he was hired here. Langs is full of energy and commitment every day towards the football team and the community because he seems to want nothing but success for all students, athletes, and community members. 

Langs attended Climax-Scotts High School, where he was a successful student athlete. He competed in four sports: football, baseball, basketball, and track.

 In fact, Langs earned all-state honors in each of the sports that he played. After a decorated high school career, he went on to play college football at Wheaton College in Illinois. 

With that being said, he knows what it takes to grind out being a student athlete. Langs has the philosophy of not only helping his players become better athletes and students, but better people. 

Langs is intense, and comes with previous coaching experience at Unionville-Sebewaing and Centreville. Because of that, he makes it clear that although football is something he and the team wants to excel in, one of their big priorities is being a family throughout the whole program on and off the field.

After being around Langs practically every day for months, the team has gotten to know him as a coach very well. He is very determined to really put Plainwell on the map as a powerhouse in the Wolverine Conference. When asked about his plans for the future of Trojan football, his mind had already been made up.

“Having an unwavering commitment to the weight room,” Langs said. 

How would Langs describe himself to someone that has never met him? 

“I think of myself as a high passionately and energetic person when it comes to the things I love,” Langs said.

He does a great job of making that very clear. On the sidelines you will always see Langs jumping around with many emotions running through his body.

The other part of the job that Langs has taken with Plainwell Community Schools is to be the director of the Plainwell Flex Academy. It is a new system put into place at the high school this year that Langs will oversee. 

“Flex is an opportunity for kids to have a different learning environment to get them back on track to graduate high school,” Langs said.

He thinks that it will benefit students and the district as a whole.

 “The Flex Academy gives Plainwell another chance to reach kids and change lives,” Langs said.