Hoco-Go or No?


Students Turning in their tickets at last year’s homecoming dance

Trysten Meyers

Every year students look forward to the week of homecoming. Starting with the spirit week at the school, the rush of the powder puff girls down the halls, the football players on the big game day, and having it all end in one big dance. This year however will not be the same. 

Due to Covid, precautions and executive order Plainwell high school will not be getting a “regular” homecoming week. Andrew Hansen, Student senate instructor, states, ”court elections, as well as spirit week at school, will continue as normal, however, we do not plan on having a dance or Powder Puff at this time.” Hopes will remain high for dances to come this year but for our annual first of the year homecoming  there will be no actual dance due to covid  being so rapidly spreading.

Many students enjoy homecoming and feel fairly upset at the thought of not having one this year. Vannessa Robinson ‘21 states, “homecoming is exciting. It is nice that we all are still able to have homecoming court and the possible football game for this year though.“ although the thought of not getting a regular homecoming dance this year sad many are hoping for future dancers to come.

Karley way ‘21 elaborates on her feelings stating,” I hope dances happen especially prom because The class of 21‘ has yet to have a prom and it would be sad if we didn’t get one this year as well. I’m sure everyone would be willing to social distance as much as possible if there was even the slightest possibility for any future dances.” 

  As for now, Plainwell High School will not be having a normal dance or week overall. For now, the best we can all do is hope for future dances and make the most out of the current situation we are in with Covid. Shawn Nelson, freshmen shares,” I am excited to still have something close to normal for a home coming, but I am sad to not  experience my first highschool  homecoming dance.” This seems to be a repetitive feeling for many of this years freshmen, sad they don’t get the full experience but still glad to get something.

Hopes for future dances will continue. Hoping for the dances and higher hopes for this winter, we will all hopefully get a snow coming dance but as a for the fall of 2020, there will sadly be homecoming dance.