Editor’s review: The Bachelor week four


This week was strange. Unprecedented things happened that I’m beginning to think it a theme for this season.

First we had Victoria F’s one-on-one date. What started out as a fun and light-hearted day turned in to panic when the performer, Chase Rice, sang a country love song for the couple. Victoria starts singing along and Peter gets¬†very excited that she knows the words. But not only does she know the words to the song but she also knows the singer. Like knows¬†him. They dated!! *GASP* How dare a contestant have an ex?! Who does she think she is. IMO, I think it was a little dramatic on Victoria’s part to start crying and whispering around thinking this is something that she should get sent home over. I think the way Chase handled it was amazing, though. Telling her to do what’s best for her and basically wishing her luck in the future weeks of the show was really sweet.

At dinner, Victoria starts freaking out and finally tells Peter about her past relationship with the country singer. I think Peter’s reaction could’ve been better but wasn’t bad. Victoria, for some reason, lost it and ran from the table. Again, I think this was quite dramatic. If it was me, I would’ve laughed about it and moved on. (I do think it was set up by producers which is half funny half cruel but I guess that’s what you get when you sign up to go on a reality dating show).