Breaking ‘Good’: After School Chem Club

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Breaking ‘Good’: After School Chem Club

Gavin Milam, Staff Writer

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Many science fans around Plainwell are overjoyed to have a place where they can go for a little bit of fun after the tedious hours of school. Chem club, run by science teacher Theresa Schwartz, offers a variety of different community service opportunities and fundraising options. As an added bonus, you get to keep most of the projects for yourself. Snacks are always provided, and even a bit of sciency ‘swag’ is available.  The club meets on the second Wednesday of each month.

Students who attend always have a ton of fun, and the experiments are always interesting. Most of them look forward to every month more than anything else.

“I really like Chem Club so far. I highly recommend it to people who have extra time after school if they just wanna sit back and do something fun with science,” said Ryan Town, ’22.

Town isn’t the only one enjoying Chem Club though. Many students also took part in it last year, when the club had just started up.

“Mrs. Schwartz really talked it up well, and I already like science, so I thought ‘why not?’ I really enjoy everything we do in there. I can imagine we’ll only have even cooler labs this year,” said Misty Bennett, ‘19.

The number of participants is still small, and some like the tight-knit group they’ve got. Others wouldn’t mind the merriness of more students’ company.

Schwartz will take any and all students with open arms to join in on any labs she’s prepared.

“I’m sure Chem Club will only get better over time, and I’m happy with the amount of fun we have here,” said Schwartz.

Chem Club must be a great place for students who like science to just chill and perform amazing acts of science. Don’t be afraid to try out Chem Club. It’s science that anyone and everyone will like.