Sassy Olive gets spooky


By Hannah Vist

You’ll never believe what happened on Friday the 13.
Sassy Olive had a fittingly spooky headband sale. It wasn’t just any event, but a Spooky Halloween event. The owner, Landria Christman, designs her own patterns. The patterns are fitting to her audience and the suggestions people request.
“They are cute and comfy. The Frankenstein one is my absolute favorite. I really like all the new prints,” said Lauren Smith ‘19.
Christman likes to stay very involved with her community as much as she can be. She knew she would need more room than just her store, so she had all of Locust street shut down. The entire street came together to celebrate her success. The event even had a Dj, cupcakes, cotton candy, headbands, raffles, and much more.
Before entering the event you needed a ticket which was $2. The money from the ticket sales went to Joe Kavanagh Scholarship fund. She was also accepting donations and was able to raise almost $3 thousand.
“ I thought the event was great. She made it really fun and had a great set up on the street,” said Sarah Shannon ‘18.
This was her first ever event, but there are definitely more coming up on the horizon.
“ This will be an annual event and I can’t wait to continue to make these events bigger and better,” said Christman.