New Girls Soccer Coach Is Kickin’


By Bree Colyer


Just in time for the season, the athletic administration hired Kyle Farris to be the head coach for the Plainwell High School’s girls soccer team.

Farris graduated Plainwell High School in 2011 and played on the men’s team throughout his high school career. He went on to play college soccer at Western Michigan University.

New coach Kyle Farris talking to the team


“Those of you who know Kyle; realize he is a perfect fit for our soccer position; not only a player here and at WMU but also a young man of great character and integrity. We look forward to having Kyle as our head coach,” said the Athletic Director, David Price, in a Tuesday email to staff.

Farris comes back to his alma mater because the coach for the past three years, David Groves, recently resigned.

Groves led the team with a winning season for all three years. He recently moved to Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, Colorado to be a teacher, serve as an academic adviser, and to coach the men’s soccer team.

This may be heart wrenching, and upsetting for some or new opportunities and chances for others.  Jessica Nyberg ‘16 sees this as a chance to make a statement and a fresh start for her senior year of soccer.

“ He was young so a good job opportunity bound to happen. I didn’t really care for him, he tried being players’ friends, not coach,” said Nyberg.

For Abbie Sturman ‘16 she has grown close with Groves. “I’ve known him since he started coaching here, I also was on his travel Kingdom U18 girls soccer team this fall,” said Sturman.

“He’s a good person and coach. He also had smart strategies and knowledge for soccer, but at times he was too laid back,” said Sturman.

She has mixed feelings about his decision. “I think his decision will affect our season because we will have to adjust to the new coach and how he does things differently,” said Sturman.

“It sucks because it’s so sudden, but in a long run it’s his career and his choices,” said Sturman.

Brittany Molenaar ‘18 has all positive things to say about Groves. “He’s been the most involved coach I’ve had, he personally cares about his players,” said Molenaar.  

She is very upset and frustrated with his decision as well. “I’m really sad and angry about his choice because he got our hopes up for the season with him,” said Molenaar.

However she has managed to look on the bright side, “His job there is more beneficial and has more opportunities for him. At first I wanted to quit but then I realized the new coach wasn’t going to change everything so I had to optimistic of the upcoming season,” said Molenaar.

Tryouts are scheduled for March 14-16, held at the Kingdom Indoor Center. The first scrimmage is scheduled for March 19 here at Plainwell.